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Eye Viewing Room 2020

12 - 31 May 2020

Alon Zakaim Fine Art is delighted to announce their participation in Eye Viewing Room, an online precursor to the inaugural Eye of the Collector fair at Two Temple Place, London in September 2020.

Eye Viewing Room presents a curated selection of works chosen in collaboration with twenty three international galleries to showcase their particular expertise and knowledge. Spanning ancient to contemporary, the Eye Viewing Room is boutique in format and reflects the fair's ethos of connoisseurship and diversity.

Set against the virtual backdrop of the majestic Two Temple Place, key works will be placed in a new format that juxtaposes contemporary, modern and ancient pieces to suggest new collecting pathways and dialogues.

Please contact the gallery for more information and pricing of works.

A selling exhibition of works at Eye Viewing Room 2020 by Alon Zakaim Fine Art.

Eye Viewing Room installation: 
[left] Ibrahim El-Salahi, The Tree, 2003 © Vigo Gallery
[right] Wassily Kandinsky, Montée des Grilles, May 1939, © Alon Zakaim Fine Art
[bottom] Frederikson Stallard, Armchair: Species III, 2015 © David Gill Gallery

Eye Viewing Room 2020