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Dan McDermott | Playback

25 May - 18 June 2010

Alon Zakaim Fine Art has the pleasure of presenting Playback, an exhibition of new photorealist paintings by Dan McDermott. Returning to Cork St for the fourth time, McDermott's latest collection captures a series of transient, momentary impressions rendered iconic through his vividly cinematic painting style.

Isolating and freezing fleeting moments from an archive of film and television footage, McDermott monumentalises images from popular culture through his statically charged paintings. Employing his distinctive and dynamic blurring technique, he instils familiar scenes with a mysterious and compelling narrative, transporting the viewer into a romanticised world. From the rush of the city streets to the light and colour of beachside scenes, his works are invested with layers of personal significance, eliciting an immediately instinctive, emotional response. Viewed through the filter of both his own memory and the camera lens, McDermott reinterprets captured glimpses of contemporary life.

Dan McDermott has been exhibiting with Alon Zakaim Fine Art since 2006. Based in London, he has shown extensively throughout Britain and abroad. This new exhibition will bring together a broad and varied survey of the artist's latest work, showcasing his highly accomplished approach to painting through a diverse range of subject matter.

Dan McDermott | Playback