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Dan McDermott | Modelled in Memory

26 May - 19 June 2009

Alon Zakaim Fine Art has the pleasure of hosting Modelled in Memory, an exhibition of photorealist paintings by Dan McDermott. Exhibiting in Cork Street for the third time, McDermott's latest collection revives characters from pop culture of the past through a dynamic form of portraiture.

Drawing from a personal archive of visual material, McDermott transforms old photographs, film stills, and newspaper cuttings into refreshing and distinctly contemporary paintings. The artist works with material that he responds to both instinctively and personally, and presents the images for us to interpret according to our own background and experiences.

McDermott recognises the impossibility of restoring the exact feelings of another era. Instead, his paintings evoke familiarity and nostalgia, recalling a past moment through characters that are memorable but not necessarily definable. Their key features are often obscured, perhaps by a blindfold, unusual viewpoints or cropping. Employing his distinctive blurring effect, McDermott suggests a defiance of reality as he shrouds an exciting air of mystery over the familiar.

Dan McDermott has been exhibiting with Alon Zakaim Fine Art since 2006. Based in London, he has shown extensively throughout Britain and abroad since graduating in 1995. Outside of Cork Street, McDermott's most recent exhibitions have included The Silas Marder Gallery, New York, The Clapham Gallery, London, and the Northcote Gallery, London.

Dan McDermott | Modelled in Memory