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Dan McDermott | A Glimpse of Urban Life

26 February - 3 March 2007

Alon Zakaim Fine Art has the pleasure of hosting A Glimpse of Urban Life, Dan McDermott's debut solo exhibition on Cork Street.

Dan McDermott graduated from University of Northumbria in Newcastle in 1995 with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice. He now works from a studio in South London.

Since graduating McDermott has developed a highly personalised and dynamic style of photorealism. Using photographically sourced images from American film, TV and his own cine-film, McDermott creates vibrant and dynamic photorealist scenes.

McDermott's interpretation of retro urban America takes us on a nostalgic journey from the 1950s onwards. Seeking images that reflect a glimpse of a fantasy world, McDermott paints as though he is viewing America through the eyes of an admiring child. His canvases portray McDermott's romanticised vision of America, derived from the images we have all grown up watching on television and cinema screens. McDermott transforms these images from film through digital photography and finally into paint. Using a systematic layering technique, his busy urban streets, passing figures and speeding cars are blurred into fleeting moments of colour and light.

Combining rich tone and colour with unusual vantage points, the motion in McDermott's canvases present us with a split second in an unrevealed story.

Dan McDermott | A Glimpse of Urban Life