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12 March - 18 April 2013

Alon Zakaim Fine Art is proud to present Analogue, a group exhibition of contemporary photography, painting, and sculpture. Held in our lower Dover Street gallery, the show features the iconic images by legendary photographer Terry O'Neill charting the metamorphosis of David Bowie's persona, alongside powerful and candid images of Muhammad Ali in training by Chris Smith. Works featured also include the sensual celebrity photography of Lorenzo Agius, the hyper-realist painting of Kate Brinkworth, and following the critical success of Project 4 we are proud to exhibit David Breuer-Weil's The Edge.

Analogue showcases both the work of established and influential artists, alongside a younger generation of painters and sculptors. Yvaral's paintings create an artificial sense of depth and form, and established him as one of the foremost proponents of op-art in the 1960s. Arman's Well Dressed 2 is executed with the artist's characteristic wit and his signature techniques of sliced forms and use of collage. The three featured works of David Bowie by Terry O'Neill, taken between 1973 - 74, capture the singer in his most influential periods as the glam icon Ziggy Stardust, and during the Diamond Dogs era.

The celebrity shots by O'Neill complement those of Lorenzo Agius, a young British photographer who made his breakthrough with his notorious images used for the publicising of Trainspotting. Young and up-and-coming artists represented also include Will Thorburn, whose paintings combine anatomical imagery with densely worked concentric designs; Jill Berelowitz, whose Tree of Life is a recasting in bronze of apple branches selected from a 300-year-old English orchard, and references the Creation myth; and Natalie Goldstein, whose reflected photographs from her Duality series contrast the agility and delicacy of the human body with the derelict settings in which the pieces are staged.

The exhibition will run at 5 - 7 Dover St. London W1S 4LD from 12 March - 18 April 2013. Entry is free, and gallery opening hours are 9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday, or by appointment.