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Robert Marc

(French, 1943-1993)

Robert Marc was born in Auxerre, France in 1943. He spent his youth in Switzerland and returned to France as a young man determined to enter art school. Like generations before and after him, he discovered painting not in school, but in the great museums of Europe. He considered the established masters his real teachers and gained particular inspiration from the work of Malevich and Rodchenko.

Paris of the 1960s was a seminal time in Marc's life, with its stimulations ranging from the jazz of John Coltrane to the African art in the galleries of the rue Guenegaud. Unlike many of his peers, however, Marc deliberately avoided the limelight of Parisian life, content to spend all his time quietly working in the French countryside.

He evolved a powerful combination of classic, painterly technique and progressive abstract forms. The viewer is easily led to comparisons with the analytical cubists, but close study reveals Marc's signature motifs and unique style. The paintings are rich and complex, with a palette and surface quality that warms and harmonizes the geometrically constructed planes of colour.

Robert Marc