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Pierre Carrier-Belleuse

(French, 1851-1932)

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse, born in 1851, was the son of famous painter and sculptor Albert Carrier-Belleuse. Similarly to his brother Louis-Robert Carrier-Belleuse, he learned his artistic trade from his father. He studied under Alexandre Cabanel and Galland at the École des Beaux-Arts and exhibited at the Paris Salon for the first time in 1875. He mastered working with pastels, and was best known for his scenes of the ballet, as well as producing landscapes, historical, and genre works.

He exhibited regularly at the Salon and other venues in Paris including the Society of French Artists (1888) and the National Society of Fine Arts (1893-1911). He received an honourable mention for his work in 1887 and a silver medal at the Exposition Universelle in 1889.

His work can be found today in many museums across France, including in La Rochelle, Gray and Le Puy.

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse