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Patrick Hughes

(British, b.1939)


oil on board construction
75 x 231 x 28 cm (29½ x 91 x 11 in.)

The artist

Private collection, London (acquired in 2006)

“In the end I think I am a Heraclitean. He wrote that we cannot step twice into the same river because other water is flowing on. His follower Cratylus bested him by saying you could not step once into the same river because it is continually changing. I think my reverspectives give this sense of continual flux and reciprocity, as they move you move, and what is more they move in the opposite way to what you expect, which is why one says they move although they are solid and immovable. This is what artists want to do, to make something come alive, just so long as you are engaging with it. The reverspectives are examples to us of the give and take, the talking and the listening, the doing and being done-to, that is the essence of life. In this way I think a reverspective is in the opposite camp to an artist like Mondrian who lays down his mediocre laws and hopes to persuade us by his relentless hectoring. Reverspectives give you air to breathe and a dance of life to pursue. I like to think my work is universally appealing. failed attempts – fifty per cent at first. I have learnt from my own mistakes and I can also learn a lot from watching people looking at the work, one can tell what is involving and what is not so.” - Patrick Hughes (M. McDonald, A New Perspective, 2014)

£75,000 (+ 20% UK VAT)

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