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Eduard Bigas

(Spanish, b.1969)

Eduard Bigas was born in 1969 in Palafrugell, Spain. At the age of nineteen, he exhibited his first solo show, paving the way for a prolific and fruitful career. From Australia to New York, Bigas has travelled the world, but London, with its ideal balance between complexity and cosmopolitanism resonated with him more than anywhere, and encouraged him to paint several canvases at once with great energy.

Bigas’ paintings are characterised by their core sense of simplicity, balance, and beauty. Against a perpetual lightness, Bigas constructs fantastical dreamlike forms, which weave and interact across an etherlike vacuum. Through his combination of spontaneity and directness, Bigas conveys his inventiveness, intuition, and feelings.

Of major significance to Bigas is his delicate and restrictive use of materials. By using small quantities of acrylic paint and black ink, he builds up layers with gentle strokes across the canvas, leading him to slowly devise unplanned forms. His tones of green and blue, however, are the products of very thin layers of acrylic paint mixed with water, allowing Bigas to cast exquisite brushstrokes across each canvas, and, in turn, evoke the heyday of Abstract Expressionism.

Eduard Bigas