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Maurice Chabas

(French, 1862-1947)

French symbolist painter Maurice Chabas was born on September 26th 1862 in Nantes to a cultured and scholarly family of painters. As the eldest child in the family, Chabas took over the family business as an adult despite his enthusiasm and passion for painting.

Later in life Chabas studied under Bouguereau and Robert- Fluery where he began to explore his creative side. These years of academic training, particularly in philosophy and mysticism, were a great influence to his Symbolist compositions.

Chabas chose not to restrict himself to one particular style of painting and consequently his works were extremely diverse. Late on in his career, for example, he was tempted by neo-impressionism techniques whilst at the end of his career he became fully devoted to exploring the spiritual side of his art in total isolation.

At the end of his life Maurice Chabas retired to Versailles, where he died on December 11th 1947.

Maurice Chabas