Summer Contemporary Exhibition: now open

11 July 2011

Installation shot

Our Summer Contempoary Exhibition is now open, unveiling new works by some of our most exciting young artists alongside more established names on the contemporary art scene. Featuring the cinematic photorealism of Kate Brinkworth and Dan McDermott, the philosophical sculpture of David Breuer Weil, and the celebrity portraiture of Lorenzo Agius, the show also highlights exceptional works by British sculptor Lynn Chadwick and the work of Terry O'Neill, one of the most important photographers of his generation.

In addition to the work of our more established artists, the work of up and coming painters John Clark and Will Thorburn will also be featured. The works of Clark explore social commentary and satire through his expressive figurative style; whilst Thorburn's anatomical paintings examine contemporary science in relation to ritualistic motifs, contrasting the objectivism of medicine with the subjective approaches of religion.

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