Ali Versus The Beatles, 1964

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Ali Versus The Beatles1964silver gelatin fibre based print46 x 66 in. / 34.5 x 48 in. / 20 x 30 in.Edition of 50 + 2 A.P.
Signed and numbered
Printed later

This work is available in the following sizes (paper size):
46 x 66 in.
34.5 x 48 in.
20 x 30 in.

Ali met the fab four in 1964 at the famous 5th Street Gym in Miami, during the group's first tour of the US. Ali (still Cassius Clay at the time) was training for his first encounter with the fearsome world champion Sonny Liston. At the time it was taken the picture contains arguably the five most recognisable faces on the planet