Spin for Ben, 2010

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Spin for Ben2010acrylic on paper72 x 72 cmdedicated, signed ‘for Ben ♡ Damien Hirst’ (lower centre)

The artist's studio
Ben Kealey (Kasabian), UK
Multiples Inc., Denmark
Jon Swinstead, London

This work is registered in the Damien Hirst Archive under number DHS 14107.

Spin for Ben was commissioned by Ben Kealey, keyboard and synth player of English rock band Kasabian. This colourful and energetic spin painting was later acquired by Jon Swinstead, founder of Youth Club (a non-profit creative hub), PYMCA (a photographic culture archive), Sleaze Nation and Jockey Slut (lifestyle magazines) and co-founder of Pictures on Walls (a groundbreaking printhouse) with BANKSY.