Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896)


Luis Falero, was a Spanish-born painter who lived most of his life in London. His paintings featured nudes shown in a highly-finished manner in mythological or fairy tale settings.

Falero studied art in Paris, rejecting his parent's choice of a nautical career for him. In Paris he worked as a portraitist in pencil, and learnt the art of watercolour.

Largely a romantic at heart, Falero set his beautiful images of nymphs and nudes in fabulous and mythological settings. Among these various settings, the sky was one of his most popular, featuring heavily in works such as Diana (1883), Double Star, The Zodiac, Iris and Phebus and several pictures of witches (characteristically young and nubile rather than old and wizened ones). Other favourite topics were fairy paintings and classically-titled pieces with subjects such as nymphs. He also tried Orientalist subjects such as An Eastern Beauty, and even religious pictures.

Luis Falero settled in London in the 1880s and died there in 1896 aged just 45.