Marcel Dyf (1899-1985)

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    French artist Marcel Dyf was born in Paris and spent many early holidays in Normandy, evidence of an interest in travel that continued to inform his life and painting. After opting to pursue an artistic career in lieu of the engineering studies he had undertaken in his early 20s, Dyf established a studio in Arles and continued to live and work in Provence part time while also participating extensively in the lively arts communities of Paris. His expressive still lives, landscapes, and figural works earned considerable acclaim and were consistently sought during his career. Although Dyf continued to enjoy the Provencal landscape, he also dedicated much of his time to painting the landscapes of Brittany and to international travel throughout Europe, North Africa, and the United States.

    In the first half of the 50s Dyf worked in Paris throughout the winter and spent the summer in Cannes, where he set up a studio-gallery and established a regular following among American visitors to the Riviera. In 1955 the first paintings were bought from Dyf by Frost & Reed to be sold in London, thus heralding the formation of a remarkable and enduring relationship between artist and gallery.

    Two or three times a year, Frost & Reed would visit Dyf and buy all the best of his works for their stock. Dyf could never work in an empty studio, he said that it deadens an artist's inspiration, so immediately the paintings had left for London, he and and his wife Claudine would set off to the west or to the south in search of new inspiration. This annual round having been established, there followed many years of great fulfilment. The artist, free from the burden of running the more mundane side of his life, was now able to devote all his time to painting and through Frost & Reed, his sole world agents, he was guaranteed an outlet for his work.

    Dyf died in 1985.