Michelle Bokser (b.)


Michelle Bokser creates sculptures reminiscent of écorché bronze figurines in ballerina like stances that are both delicate and powerful. The sinuous elongated figures work in contrast with the solidity of the rich, unpatinated bronze medium, creating a series of works with a startlingly contemporary edge.

Bokser's sculptural work has a deep foundation in her drawing, as shown through the sweeping gestural forms of her figurative bronzes. Her work has an emotional appeal and an exhilarating freedom of movement, reflecting her desire to express 'the affirmation of the individual.' Bokser's figures stretch and reach upwards as though desirous to attain a higher physical strength. Their attempts to break 'beyond gravity' are a yearning for flight and spiritual freedom. Bokser sees the artistic act as a similar struggle, its aim being to challenge both the creator and audience to consider their own lives more closely.

Having studied Fine Art at the Kalisher School of Art and the Avni Institute, Michelle Bokser worked under the tutelage of Israeli artist Nahum Inbar between 1997-2000. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in London and abroad, including the Islington Art Fair, Hortensia Art Gallery, and The Opera House, Tel Aviv. Her works are held in private collections around the world. Michelle Bokser lives and works in London.

Exhibitions at Alon Zakaim Fine Art:

Beyond Gravity, 5-7 Dover Street, 9 December - 23 December 2013