Eduard Bigas (b.1969)


Born in Palafrugell (Girona) in 1969, Bigas is currently working in London. He believes that his work is directly related to his state of mind, stating that he creates dawings that "start with the imagination and develop along, "a journey without answers."

Bigas has exhibited at Dearte-art fair in Madrid, Inart art fair in Girona, and the Da Vinci Art Gallery in Girona.

"Eduard Bigas was born in Palafrugell (Girona), Spain, and participated in his first solo exhibition at the age of nineteen. Since then, he was painted prolifically and travelled extensively, soaking in the rhythms of the world. He has been to Australia and New York, but is in love with is life in London. The complexity and cosmopolitan mixture of the city appeal to him, and it is here that he has begun to paint with a great vital energy, often working on five or six canvases at a time in ink and acrylic.

His painting is spontaneous, gestural and automatic, drawing information from his immediate feelings and thoughts and interweaving these various threads into elegant, lyrical and dreamlike compositions which are concerned, above all, with a sense of balance. These strange and contrary figurations are often set against pure rich tonal backgrounds which lend his work a sense of serenity and cool."

Charles Fulford, as quoted on

"Much in the manner of the novels of Milan Kundera, his painting evokes a series of ambiguously intertwined narratives in which the attentive viewer discovers many different and apparently contrary subjective meanings existing in parallel. Bigas's paintings have a core sense of valuation for simplicity, balance and beauty. Against a continual lightness, bizarre dreamlike forms, hues and colours weave and interact, suspended in a perpetual and distinct rhythm - or continual fall - either flying or picking their way across a featureless nothing."

Brick Lane Gallery, London 2007, as quoted on