Ewan as Renton, 1996

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Ewan as Renton1996digital C-Type print60 x 48 in. / 40 x 30 in. / 24 x 20 in.signed and numbered
printed later

24 x 20 in. = edition of 25 + 2 a/p
40 x 30 in. = edition of 25 + 2 a/p
60 x 48 in. = edition of 15 + 2 a/p

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Part of the publicity shoot for the film Trainspotting, London, 1996.

“I read the script for Trainspotting and in the film Ewan’s character goes into the toilet for a swim. The whole point of the Trainspotting shoot was that it was very fashiony - there was a black and white CK shoot out at the same time – so we wanted to keep people guessing and make it a little confusing.” (Lorenzo Agius, speaking in an interview with Charlotte Duck, Glamour Magazine, August 2009)